About Us

I am here trying to give an explanation of the origins and processes as well as batik making. is a self-education tool for the novice user to learn basic concepts about batik. Our focus is to allow the novice batik user to be able to have a place that they can come and discuss how to do batik problems with their peers and at the same time have a rich resource in which to learn the "basics" about how to do batik.

The basic concepts of Batik Alisha do not only apply themselves towards fixing problems, but also to every day life. In today's age, batik are here to stay and are only going to be incorporated into our daily life more and more as time goes on. Understanding the basic concepts will allow you to communicate more intelligently about how to do batik needs and allow you to use your equipment more efficiently.

We know what works and what doesn't, and we'll tell you if a piece of Batik Alisha doesn't perform as advertised - and because we're not selling you something, we have no financial interest in making a sale. This ensures that the work we do and the equipment we recommend is judged on it's own merits, not pushed on you because we have to make a quota, or liquidate excess inventory.
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